Dr. Nicholas Patorniti | Company Director and Principal Analyst | Planning & Environment


PhD in Urban Analytics, University of the Sunshine Coast

Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP), University of New England.


Dr Nicholas Patorniti is an urban planner whom specialises in applying urban  analytic methods to explore and understand complex urban systems. He is the director of UACS


Consulting Pty Ltd and has over 15 years of urban planning  experience, having worked in small and large international consultancies. Nick  lectures urban modelling at USC and has published peer reviewed journal articles about new approaches to model cities and applied urban analytics. He presents his work at national and international conferences, bringing sophisticated data science methods to help solve complex urban problems. Nick’s urban modelling and applied analytics work is strengthened by his extensive experience in the QLD legislative planning environment. He has been the lead urban analyst and project director for private urban development projects, utilities, local, state and federal government. Projects include peer review independent assessments, best practice research, thought and technical leadership, technical direction and the application of data science thinking and methods to the urban planning discipline. 

Dr. Abel Silva Vieira | Associate Director of Research & Development and Principal Analyst | Engineering  Environment


Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil, including exchange program at Linnaeus University, Sweden.


Dr Abel Silva Vieira is an engineer specialised in machine learning applications for urban analytics. His holistic background in infrastructure planning, economic feasibility, environmental assessment, and sustainability provides him with a comprehensive understanding about the urban environment and associated socio-economic drivers. He is a principal urban analytics engineer at UACS Consulting Pty Ltd and has over 10 years professional experience working for the private and public sectors along with extensive scholarly publications (h-index 12). Abel’s background includes a comprehensive understanding of urban and natural environments, which underpins his analytical expertise in the development of fit-for-purpose statistical models and big-data analytics using cutting-edge techniques (e.g., AI deep learning).


Project Management Professional certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). 

PhD in Civil Engineering addressing the Water-Energy-Climate Nexus, Griffith University, Australia.

Masters in Civil Engineering (major in Civil Construction), Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Abhijeet Dashwant | Senior Analyst | Engineering


Masters of Engineering with Advanced studies (Structural and Geotechnical Engineering), Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Shivaji University, India

Abhijeet Dashwant has over 8 years of professional experience as an engineer

specialising in structural and geotechnical engineering. His professional experience in local government involves infrastructure planning and modelling, investment decisions,


urban systems analytics and advanced modelling techniques.

His background includes a comprehensive understanding of urban environments and statistics, which underpins his analytical expertise in developing fit-for-purpose models and big-data analytics using data science approaches and cutting-edge deep learning techniques.

Mia Hikuwai | Lead Analyst | Planning & Environment


Bachelor of Town Planning and Urban Design (Honours) majoring in Environmental

Management University of the Sunshine Coast


Mia Hikuwai has extensive experience in urban analytics and modelling. Her skills in preparing council wide datasets for population and employment growth models are strengthened by her experience in large data processing and calculating.


Mia has further experience in preparing training datasets for object detection and has assisted in reviewing urban growth model outputs and providing recommendations for utility providers, local, state and federal government. She is also confident in preparing technical documentation for modelling projects which enables efficient communication of completed work, data quality assurance checks and future consistency.

Adrienne Halpin | Analyst | Urban Health


Adrienne specialises in urban health. She is proficient in creating datasets for forecast modelling and has experience with development approvals. She is also proficient in creating artificial intelligence models for engineering and planning uses.

Lucas Kermessi | Analyst | Computer Science


Lucas Kermessi specialises in computer science, bringing specialist skills to UACS. He is proficient in a variety of coding languages and is experienced in the back-end development of web systems, deep learning and creating artificial  intelligence models for engineering and planning uses.

Erick Lima Figueiredo | Analyst | Computer Science


Erick specialises in computer science. He is proficient in a variety of coding languages  and he has project experience on front-end web-based application design. He is also  proficient in artificial intelligence based models for engineering and planning uses.

Sarah Cavarlho | Analyst | Computer Science


Sarah specialises in computer science and has experience in front and back end development as a software developer. She is proficient in many coding languages and using data science tools in an urban planning context.


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